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leaving my little victoria feeling like early morning
i open the letter saying im in
thanks nic, its saving me time
i got to little vic on time and settled in under a different name
andstartedunderadifferentnamebutreallythisvicsallthesamejustw/somedifferentbackgroundsofpeoplewhodesperatelywantorneed to get outtahere..
ithinktheyneedtogetouttahere,cuz littlerealworld isouttherelurkingnear, anditsnotsomuchbetter out here
then i had expected it to be
andyes, at first,itseemedlike everyone intheworldwouldworryaboutmeandtakecareofme,butisntthatwhatannoysyouandme,that no one,noteveryone can satisfy me, yet donti do a great job of faking a wonderful side of me,actinglikethe person id reallyratherbe?(keyboardsucks)