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Sleeping beauty

Posted to Action Poetry

I finally got to meet her
after all these years,
she's been hidden,
she lies inside me,
petrified like stone,
buried under the rubble
of an ancient, warring,
two-headed parental nation.
I had to leave her behind
long long ago.
She employs a fierce
protector, watching over her,
with reflex arms that
straighten at her sides,
and palms that go backwards,
"keep away from here"
she shouts wordlessly,
"nothing can ever touch her here".
And I've lived half empty for so long.
I finally got a peek at her today,
curled up, hard as rock,
unmoving, entombed lump,
sleeping beauty in my soul.
She did open her eyes
and look back at me,
immobile, but very moving,
and I thought I heard
her whisper, in a tiny
little voice,
"I'm so glad to see you again"