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Bum King

Posted to Action Poetry

Draw my bow
Aim your arrows high- because
We are here, and we are outta control
Chiefin' out, Puffin' Souls
Out the windows
Breakin' off fine young women
With long dark hair
And those glasses ...
Isn't it that time of night where I take your glasses off, wear them aruond, and act like you... hahaha
Igniting you with my utmost dire saintly perspective-
I utter with more feeling than Ive let myself live within weeks.
"Will you remember me tomorrow?"
Earth Angel's heavenly reply.. "How could I forget?"
Sharing moments of my life as she reminds me of my old self and where I should be at ...
And I contemplate.
Let's hear it for those gentlemanly fellows who smoked their chronic with me.
Atleast two of those motherfuckers had souls
Pack of Camels, Bum King central. I just wanna
"Then tonight's your lucky night buddy."
"You know I read your minds"
And the Band played on ...
"This is the end of the beginning of the beginning of the end."
Oct 19, 2002