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Keller and his many selves

Posted to Action Poetry

Why do I choose words as expression tonight ?
Keller blued my being
With a miracle landing in my wallet
And some understanding of world events under my belt
I contemplate the meanfulness of kisses in the Keller night
Tell me that your going to ski-
Tell me your going to meet your good friends for the first time.
Ah yes- best friend visits and friends that are boys.
Read all my shit. I dare you to.
I will give you waht I need to know and all that Ive never known.
I told her I would write tonight. Bingo.
and sure enough- under any circumstances it will
I guess its late, and it may be too late-
three is a magic number
and without a doubt Im tearin' up the some soccer fields next year.
My destiny is to do what I need to do
It could write- I could feel, but my heart is in a distant place again, somewhere that's unknown to the most surreal fantasy fighters. Somewhere that I would like to visit- and pack a picknik lunch - and somewhere ... that I either left or lost my soul.
But who knows - Im a sniper of funk, and what is hip when you jam to the Dylan of today ..
Uncomparable to the nigttime ghosts of Passing Goodness.
On Vinul- All the passers by all stare and I ponder the reality of what I just magically endured on this believing desirless dancing- boogieful night-
Staying alive- Breakin in the new talent- ageless in a dazed out haze of utter numbness
Just as I was under the waterfall in a daze ....
Texan Flowers and Colorado likenesses.

Oct 21, 2002