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Waterfalls of Love

Posted to Action Poetry

Stumblimg block in front of the blind
It makes you feel fine-
You shutter to think-
When your mind's on the blink ...
And all that sour smelling frig smell is ...
Just wafting everywhere - what is this, techno?
Grab and go bound.
Pizza, Parmesan cheese. and salsa.
Back and the the Clubhouse -->
It's too bring in here-
Blazing Screen Paperless in creation
Fingers going an their own speed-
Golden Mean Paste
With a Lush GRaced Mud Vase-
And a Melting Doob Dogboy's face-
Goodness Me of My O' Why?
Veruca Salt Inspired by American Thights -->
The title induced It's a bag and And and executioner
Chops off the head of one
Sir "Rutherford the Brave." ...
Gamehenge with a Green Tinge
And mindhead minglings of lassoed fresh plants-
Bellowing from lungs- permeating all your Air sacs -
Suffocating Sorror - JAh Live- Children of Unification
With Black Doves Flying O'er head -
Yonder in Original pastures of free embrace- Jazz Jumpers
Sirens sing a song of bullet whizzing-
And Jamaican Voiceover Dub Plate.
No mercy for these programmed beats- Drum Boxes ...
Need Sublime Basslines.
I long for "Badfish"
I long for "Let's Go Get Stoned"
I long for "DJS"
I long for the finer grooves of this life ..
Ooo- I long for that good girl that hasn't been taken yet
The good ones are always taken-
For sure- Rock 'n' steady-
Kingstonesque defiling shimmers of golden melody-
Pickups and everything is on cue
Island music for the land lover- Illinois Sherman
Who begs bus rides to California-
Where once I flew ... and to Yosemite I did travel with a few historical dear companions. ..Four hours to spare and decide to go all out all the way today- we're running and bounding o'er rocks- up crystal clear streams- and pools- drinkable by far and good at that- Changes my Life forever ..
Leaping these cracks in the ground Solid rocks -
And Im flyin'o'er them all- Just Flyin'
Abounding in the Love-
And we all acend the mountainous trek- From the heights of the heavenly unknown Cascades a Streaming flow of blue-misty-haze in a fantastic dreamesque mystical state- timeless yet ancient----> A gift decending from the gods of mother earth- and through the positive forces of this presence- --> a refreshing ~ soul embracing Waterfall of Love manifests- we shed our clothes instantly- beckon life love - fleeing into the Cloud of Coolness/ Dots of water cling to your body first off- and we all wade into the Giant pool of fresh freezing cold- flowing from snow water - become delightfully numb after minutes and are unable to feel the cool calmness of the Spashing Frozen Memory Angel Dust-
Melting off the Mountain- slippery and in the circle crystal trnasparent rock formed by water~falling~pool- we Live Attentive and numb- Never feeling better- ecstasy in all natural senses- enhanced to the Nth degree- wooed by this Haze of Rainbow- flowing in a circle making spheres with the shape of the pool and this insance Circled rainbow creeping under the water and slightly reflecting and refracting with the Sun glazing and whispin' across the water way waves- Sparkles on the water blind you weeping eyes and Rebelmusic wailed and all the nymphs of the land were graceful and full of glee- and Pan, leaping- burst sonic explosions from his reed pipe- Wet all day after and Utterly Exquisite
"Never had such a good time" ~ Dead