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Body Dew

Posted to Action Poetry

This poem is ancient in my days- Engulfed in Grey Mist-
Never really posted though til today ...

Lay in the Truck Bed
At the double feature
We're the real double feature though
Featuring wandering limbs
And half full bottles
And tons and tons of blankets
Fluffy pillows in back
What's this movie about?
Who cares?
The stars shine brighter tonight than any other.
And in your emerald eyes I sense embrace
Ive sold my heart to you this evening
All that remains is a green shadow
And an empty bottle
A couple glasses of orange juice
Dinner for two ... in bed.
Being your human sheet
Your knight in tie dyed apparal
And youre my Nymph of Nameless Grace
You dropped my off in the garden
All the roses are in full bloom: thornless wonders.
Bending to the child within
Gesturing gains of liklyhood.
Sampling one of Life's Fruits ...
Looks like nothin' but light-hearted Firebrands
Scorching my lashes ... but you ...
You stung me with your words- and a little more than that.