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also tuesday (repost)

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some guys have all the luck. last night i was shivering in bed while asleep. today it rained. it was past 8 in the morning, but still it was dark and grey outside. i waited on the corner for the bus, under my umbrella. a black cadillac pulled up, with tinted windows. a second black car pulled up behind the first. a gentleman got out of the driver's seat, and pushed the autolock on his keychain. he walked toward me, but I assumed he was going past me to the payphone or to the deli. when he stopped, i wondered whether he was lost, or about to "kidnap" me. the second gentleman stepped out of the car. the first man, who was dressed in a dark suit and wearing shaded glasses, flashed me a badge. I didn't really have time to inspect it. Turns out they were looking for someone. (Please keep in mind it at this point was no later than 8:15 on a weekday morning.) Anyway, I was instructed to identify myself and to provide supporting evidence (my id). I was asked where I live. Turns out they were looking for someone else. I've heard they have since found that someone else. Anyway, I went on to catch my bus, and go to work, just like any other day.