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Sweet Noise

Posted to Action Poetry

Coffee house, late at night
Where smokers and dissidents gather in the
Huff–puff haze from cigarettes
Writing, hollering and all the hoop
And up front, with his eyes half closed
To his music and art behind him; A kid
No more than twenty holds his guitar
Fingers graze every twang and zip note of
Hendix’s magic aura; He wears an old
Cotton shirt draped to big and pockets
Torn times ago; So tranced, unbothered by
The crowd’s reaction or lack of it.
Fast paced and hard, the cords so precise
He needs no drummer; he does the beat lead
And melody gladly.

And those surrounding him, a motley of conversation
Queers, politicos, artists of word and paint
Feminists, junkies and sex deviants
What seems like small cut off groups
All together; The guy next to ya
Caught up in a caffeine slam drinking bout
And the earth toned fella scribbling
In stories and worlds only for his eyes
The mocha he ordered cool cause he’s so
Caught up in his own logic of things
Give’em names; Ben, sue, Long-Face Curly Man
That Chick with the Bad Brunette Hair
They’re all good