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Rekindled Aftershock

Posted to Action Poetry

Ninety percent of the unused brain
Waits for evolution
The opening of a new chapter
With each turn of the historic cycle
Moving outward like a spiral
Each time with new additions
The cosmos supplies the visions
Who was to ask about the sense
That gets us across the fence
And up over the wall
So we can see it all
That to which our eyes are sheilded
Through all these years
Such meager tools have been weilded
Exponential movement to truth
Chews up delusions
With a razor sharp truth
Are you looking for proof
In the mist, doubts go "poof"
For once on the other side
Horizons become ever wide
Taking a bigger stride
You see there's nothing to hide
When you dance in the circle
When the drum strips the mask off
Your mind is a rocket
Get ready to blast off

For months on the pit
No more of this shit
Take another hit
Sharpen the wit
This time more legit
Don't get burned
When you have a mit

Once buried in chained
Caught in webs of deception
The binding drained like kryptonite
Not letting the fire ingnite
Was my soul stolen
This I might once asked
It's just a matter of letting the time pass