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Play truant little runaway
Stay beneath the bed clothes,
wrap yourself in white sheets
like some klansman ghost
holler and roar some mad
phantom play my
little rodeo pharoah.
You're all rapiers and swords,
clang clashing cutlass steel
and lipsynching expletives,
bad language and passion
from the scripts of the
Swooning matinee idol,
He's the leader of the
river cult,
wrestling with heathens and
treasonous spies.
Pale lotus-eater messiah
a languid stigmata martyr,
the storm-tossed explorer
finding the
treasures of the Sierra Madre
hidden in skidrow
dimestore soup cans and
alligator handbags,
stuffed with receipts,
leaving ransom notes and
In the chapter and verse of
the confessional laundromat.
He uses magic on the
carriage mice and
pumpkin masks, sprinkles
stardust in the hourglass
Sends the church bells to
sleep with a lullaby.
He plays funny face and candle wax,
Acting before the mirror's powder wig.
reflected in the lenses of
sentient beings and hollywood's
bruised producer clique,
clapping like seals, barking for scraps
and gold statuettes.
From now on i only want
beautiful nonsense and
magical language-spells.
Unravel red carpets and
unwrap the fanfares,
Untie the prisoners,
feast on salsa dip, pickles,
melted liquid ice cream
sprinkles and sticky maple syrup,
wear hockey masks and carry
pacifist flowers and falafael
feed the sick and hungry,
teach the lame to
dance the lambada
among the stony-faced
solemn trashcans of
cold blue midnight