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First attempt by a total amateur (be nice)

Posted to Action Poetry


Sit by myself and yet I’m not lonely
Put me in a crowded room and solitude descends
Adrift in a sea of laughing masks, I sit and watch
I feel no connection at all to these hollow shells that call themselves my friends
Always outside looking in, I see angels that forgot how to fly
As they dribble inanities and laugh at themselves
I feel like the invisible man, they forget I’m even there
ask and they’ll say “yeah him he’s alright, he’s a nice guy”
Well nice guys finish last, we all know that
If I could show them the depths of the pit of my soul maybe they’d think twice
More likely they’d push out further than I already am
So each day I fix my mask and brace my spirit for thee fight
Before I face the mob one more time
And by night I sit in the shadows and stare into the abyss of my emotion
Looking for those angels that know how to fly