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sweet noise

Posted to Action Poetry

i love this place you have described
w/ the robot love songs
and underwater tunes

hot artsy/ smartsy girls that bring their puppies
to chat and play chess and fold paper

guys who talk furiously like they've been alone
for hours
or days

the blank faced cashier
he's playing his music
trying not to look too amuzed
though he is

the walls: collages of posters of bands
and exhibits and readings and events

the drinks, themselves so good
so cheap you can sip them all day, for $1
or guzzle them down at $5 a pop

the windows show houses w/ colonial style

while the crowds all file into the bar across the street -
it's friday nite

the conversation stops completely
then so loud

you stare at yourself in the mirror
and at strangers

listen to others conversations

read the paper

roll a cigarette

sit on the couch in the basement for half the day

or do homework

or write...