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One Night

Posted to Action Poetry

One Night

I could be great if only I didn’t want it so bad
I detest the small hours that no one ever realizes
When they step out their doorstep to collect the paper
I forget what time it was when I decided not to care

The wonderful world passes by
Like waves in an ocean that I have never seen
Although I rush the shore
Bohemian and forgetful again
Of my limitations

I wander in the wake of beautiful dreams
That clouds my reason
I wake in the morning knowing that I am
Prolonging the death of my sentence

I walk sometimes down a street at night
Just to see how the lights shine down
As the cars pass by
I make believe that I am T.S. Eliot
And I stick my arm out windows at night
Showing that I have not lost touch with the art

When the days pass by like clams
Caught and opened with a rusty knife
I forego all the conclusions
And recluse in my proportional swing
I sway with the nativity of design
Drawing forever the collective skins
That retreat from habitat

I know I am somewhere out there
Something that must persist
But can’t wait to retreat
I am beauty