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Constructing the Pyramid

Posted to Action Poetry

--Place one drop of fluid
atop the seeing eye
--Bend your crutches
and strike gums out
to hallucinatory Paris
--The eye is peeled
it peals lightning
peels vague bananas
of quivering milk schizophrenia
--Hear my voice quiver
below the lovers' beds
I am knocking on the thick
the swinging iron doors
--There are no logical conclusions
within the euphoria
in this land of anvils
as a common thief of recollections
with my tongue tied to my right hand
sealing over the manilla envelope
--Take care of your pantry with zeal
like that of a lovers tongue
over crimson landscapes
lined with doubt and virgin tears
--The zealot shall walk
like a canteloupe
through the city of shame
and spill all the last words
over other nightly transmissions
like greasy flesh oozing
beside the translation of brothels
--Take note for the hour of seed
is hidden within the manilla envelope
--There are two hands here
which tow the braying donkeys
of a heaven in the side pocket
--One does not know where it is
that the other belongs
--For I is not I
--Count your blessings
as well as the roosters
inside the green whore house