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The Sound of Bubbles Popping

Posted to Action Poetry

--Within the electrical sockets of the zoo
He-Man and Zeus struggle over
the lock of babboon's hair
as if it possessed the magical key
to all understanding
and wordly philosophies
of the dung beetle
--No matter which way I turned
the vacuum did not cease
in sucking up my brain
like a pea through
a plastic straw
--I spent many hours
whiling away my time
feeding alka-seltzer
to the beauteous pigeons
and receiving psychic messages
from the hyena-turtle-jackal
--The larva of night kept playing poker
the stakes were risen but the gods
continued to laugh hysterically
inside the dozing walls
of the convalescent center
-- I trudged along
reading Ecclesiastes
in the sanatorium
with a woman's nostrils
breathing on my shoulders
--Each hour becoming more intense
as if the Pillsbury Doughboy
has replaced Adam
and Eve is having a fit
about how her jawbone
has suddenly become a harp
with a painted goatee
at the end
--The conclusion of this poem
is there is no conclusion
--I stole this poem
from Joe DiMaggio
when he least suspected
I used to be a clever clever
a clever pickpocket
--Oh h-whell