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A walk through the streets

Posted to Action Poetry

What is this thronging tidal mass of humanity?
they surge and they flowamong the sterile concrete monuments to the corporate electorate.

Who is this "man in the street" so beloved of the politicians and the doctors of spin
Is he held like a totem in a glass case in London
or is his head on a spike at the gates of the tower

Look at these galleons of flowing humanity
Running full sail with nowhere to go
Like the last doomed charge of that famous brigade
A herd of hamsters on a bank of wired wheels

Generates energy like short circuit dynamos
Power enough to tear down this bland tasteless air conditioned nightmare
So show them how to pulll the pin and drop the bomb
Let them see the gretaness their lives might be

A life lived in hope that a way can be found to tear down the blinds and turn the world round
The energy built by these dynamo peoplewho find out who they are
Unleashed like the flood on the evils of old
With a roar like the thunder at the edge of forever

I see lightning flashing in the distance
Maybe there's a storm brewing