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Posted to Action Poetry

the scent of tomorrow
making me clairvoyant
as it interrupts
my fragile day
pulling at
the seams
til they give
slowly opening
my eyelids
to something more
as your pupils
contract on me
absorbing my thoughts
and vice versa
stuck between the metal
that is grey at times
blue at others
with a breeze
as artificial as
our restraints
my face
falling under yours
with tender hands
that rest
on my nape
tracing the
details of my flesh
the moment
maple syrup reactions
that slide us
with heavy breath
from our words
that are non-existent
in this capsule
of our privacy
my lips quiver
as you grow near
touching them
with your own
with bare precision
delicate petals
that fold over me
with warmth
i feel asphyxiation
as my heart
spins in circles
inertia of the mind
sets in
i collapse
fleeing cause
i'm already