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going out going in

Posted to Action Poetry

watching the sound of White Ladder
who says impulse - these days -
will save my soul
who says this is all.

I watch the sound of White Ladder,
feel a surge of poetry, take to the pen
and tear, pay homage
to the page in Violence -
pluck, punch, piano-script

and its always falling
down, line bye line,
by-line, linear-stop

trapped in this raging self-awareness
this spark without exit
this pop without halt,
thisness, full-stop

rising up from my station, rearing -
hoofs plant solidly upon the earth.

face aimed upward towards the null-void sky
eyes forward. alive! alive!

to walk now, walk onward, step by step,
in this lightless hour, catching blue electric faces

standing amongst the bass booming
human apparition.