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From winsome 1 and winsome 2 -
came winsome 3 and 4;

Up and down the shadowed vent -
and cluttered to the floor.

Strage-er walks by with shallow click -
and buries deep his heel;

When nothing's left but shadow's trick -
to guess when something's real.

From winsome 2 and winsome 6 -
came winsoms 5 and 10;

Around the house and up the crick -
and returned once again.

Inspired me, inspired my -
fingers all too feel;

In time I found we just may find -
the begger and the deal.

Smoking one and smoking two -
virgins copulate;

Nothing left for one two do -
smoke, sit and contemplate.

Like mammoths we shall set the time -
and vanish in the fore;

like satan's trick with gone disguise -
we'll return like before.

Two winsome one and winsome three -
I will not compromise;

I've felt each tugging at my tree -
and rained upon their eyes.

An upward glance or sullied kick -
an orange around the noon;

or maybe God's quick playful trick -
a Son, a cross, a swoon.

And finally by winsome seven -
I am but all but lost;

one and one now make eleven -
and I've only learned the cost.