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all the poets are dead
your all dead
i am
knowing it and biting my teeth while i stare out the window
i think this ll be my last poem here
thats okay
maybe the worlds dead and i'm just watching shadows
reading books about someone elses shadow
spend days and lifetimes writin my own
tracing the outlines with my tongue on the back of my teeth
i can taste it all there
smell it all there
the fluids careening down my spine
trying to stay away from the alcohol
its too atached
a cancer of my scrotum
of my mind
let me go
i am no enemy
a lost hurt one
a hungry mouth
a wilting soul
a flower bent over
a guy who uses 'a' too much when writing poems
its better than 'me' though
better than 'i'
always type it lower case
see i'm humble
find my attractivity in trash cans
and recreate words
'dead again and dead already'
the whole time thing is backwards
a very fucked up joke
laughin and spitting at the same time
spitting fire, the laugh putting it out
big gusts of wind
you can never walk straight
i never will
kinda sadened
but walkin on
defeat has such an ugly smile
a big wastefull grin of recyled cans
and all them dead monkeys out in space
revolving around heaven when we know its not out there
not out there
not that it doesn't exist
just not out there
thats out there just to bring you more tv channels
satelites that steal my simpsons and play fucking baseball
i hate baseball
hate you
love you
have warned you into timelessness
the scrathced recording
the voice of a smoker
loved you