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This is my reality

Posted to Action Poetry

My house is a mess
because I just don't care
My life is a mess
and I don't like it here
This place stinks of shit
cow farts and cat piss
I can't walk out the door
without neighbours
No trees
Just emptiness
Found out the Dj
never ever liked me that way
Paranioa that either
I'm poisoned
or they all hate me
there is only pain in my belly
The childrens room
is full of junk
my couch overflows with clothes
I once had many friends
but they like my flatmate better now
I drove around crying
because I feel so lost
I am the weakest link
get lost
I hate it here
really I do
nextdoors dog
just came over to poo
My daughters gone out
for a trip on a farm
I wasn't invited

I want to go home
I cry I cry Icry
oh for fucks sake
let me fucking go home
I can't even try
I'm getting fat
my hair is a mess
Magic love
oh ha ha ha
ha ha

shes a freaked out space cadet