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The Grappler

Posted to Action Poetry

(In Loving Dedication
of Jamie Kristina Patino
and Bradley James Nowell.)

You're not with me
in the back seat anymore
I can't hear your laughter ...
And I weep- alone w/in
the comfort of your pictures
Why didn't I ever realize
I was holding your hand
in that picture of us-
I never knew it.
You stole my heart freshman year-
And as I reflect into this photo-
You're wearing the pair of pants-
the same ones you were at
the 1st movie we saw together-
"why does something have
to die beforew e miss it?"- Blind Melon
With your love of the beatiful game-
you were always a thug on the field-
and at my indoor games-
I always played
best when you were there-
bangin' on the glass screamin'
"Get em Sam!"
Pool in your basement and
nights where our
legs would lay
across each other wondering
what the other was wondering
you were my center stage-
I never died said she-
Blazing in Glory
I see you in pictures in Georgia,
in the "V" shaped
trunk of the tree-
and your there in
a parallel universe-
Our fun joke has never
made more sense ever.
Just hold on
to the Oak Tree
and ...
Let go of everything
You've ever
known or loved and
dont tell me not to cry.
I dream you ...
& the distance fades-
Just as I am faded
by the light of day-
and I enjoy the celebration
Drifting away like smoke
A haze in the Air
of REdbud
Impact~ & the Life
& the precurser to
All the prophetic
I hope they don't
all come true.

peace, much love, sam s