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Truth or Dare

Posted to Action Poetry

You'd rather dance with the devil than show your self to me naked heart, body, mind and soul
Confess your deepest fears to me or swim in a lake of shattered diamonds and broken glass
So which will it be, truth or dare?

Walk the path of least resistance and live as a lie
Or step off the path facing the hollow shell of our fractured love.
You could never turn to where there is no path and leave the trail I tried so hard to follow
So which will it be, truth or dare?

Wrap your heart in cotton wool and tell the biggest lie of all.
The lie to yourself that you can be happy in solitude without me
Or will you finally throw your heart in the air and let it soar along with mine
I'd still be there to catch it if you fall
So which will it be, truth or dare?

I tried so hard to show you the truth of just what you mean to me and how great we could be.
I tried to lead you to that warm safe place at the hcore of the labrynth of myself But you could never take the risk.
Safe in what was and afraid of the fabulous truthes that might have been
You took the dares because you feared the greatest of truths, That I loved you and that worse still just maybe you loved me.