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lost children dead

Posted to Action Poetry

wrong place
wrong time
wrong trace of a dime
of chemical reactions, fractions
of guilt and pain strung out - arms
legged in traction spread thin
and ripe - the fight of Life trite like
a nazi death camp, dead bodies the garnish,
the waste, the tarnish, the reality of insignificantly
dismissing human breath - the rest, simply token
slam to never can be, no food, no bed, no money,
no wedding ring for whatever it is that's worth,
the birth not coming, only the suction of a still moon
hanging, dangling in vacuous sky and then i said
why oh why oh why am i in a machine, moved through
on assembly lines next next next, sex so loved, the girl
so left, so vacant and full, seed and egg merged, a lurch
of lines demonstrating carried out and up by signs,
walking by, lying down, paying blood money in cash,
a recovery room haunted by youth weeping,
keeping the pain uncovered, two lovers, two times two,
gone to a blue blue blue night

right off the highway, i got off,
lost myself in the ramp, circumventing
literature with a prelude to guilt,
screaming no no no no no as my halo
fell off my head, crumbling to shoulders,
red the dawn, red the dawning,
never to write

night is a hollow fold of skin.
there are bats making love to twin
webs, spiders capturing themselves
in sticky substance, attacking responsibility
with blinders

and at christmas, i dream of her, walking slowly
up slim narrow stairs, reaching behind the small
of her back, her hand held to pull me up,
and in summer when the air is thick,
i feel the trick of a soul enter me cold
and warm, making my form bend in two
in a fetal position, hugging myself

two times, two
times too many
posting in the wrong place,

lost children dead
haunt the dreadful choice
necessary, lips open, wet
for a kiss, lying prone, a metronome
timing synchopation with soul music

i will see them both
in heaven
i will