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I believe...

Posted to Action Poetry

I believe that time will not run out
I believe that everyone has a different truth
I believe there is no truth because of this
I believe that you are a deity
I believe that I will lie in the next three days, twice
I believe in happiness, but it comes and goes
I believe that I am destine for great things
I believe many will believe I have done nothing great
I believe that I can control people’s thoughts
I believe saying that will free a few of them
I believe that nothing I say matters
I believe negativity is inspiration
I believe my beliefs are not always mine
I believe in repetition
I believe there are too many believing in to many beliefs
I believe believing in everything leads me to believe in nothing
I believe without this being perceived as weakness there is no strength in it
I believe that when you feel superior there is no reason for you not to tell me your truth
I believe your feelings of superiority falsify your truth
I believe in nothing I won’t tell you for fear of your truth
I believe the more you know the less you need to believe
I believe I already said that
I believe it’s all common knowledge
I believe too few know
I believe that I’ve used the word believe too many times and some have not made it to this point
I believe if we agree to disagree, we will not find, nothing to believe in
I believe that all my beliefs can change
I believe that this can all end NOW!