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Over and Out

Posted to Action Poetry

See you on the flip side
when dusty noise bothers the eyes
and the blind celebrate lost sight.
When pretentions become too close for comfort
I think its time to say good night
always I considered us to be good friends
to be gods of the same heaven
making change
and decorating time when it happened to remain the same
but the song is done now
theres too much for me to say
and with curved and warned gesture you took the space away.
Too close for comfort
but oh so far from where I lay
blessed are they that know the land belongs to them
those that reap what they sow, live to sow once more
and how many closed doors does it take to obliviate heaven?
And how many 'no's echoe in this stillness
now we dont know where to play?
I laughed and sighed
because I didnt know how to say goodbye
its sad
but its true
if we cannot work together
and end only as trashy insults blown across shore
then how may my heart roam , over your letters once more?
It takes a little ego to lay bear your languaged life
admit it
nothing to be ashamed of
this ego too proud
to stay
and this mind
too free to be chained
good luck folks
over and out.