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How to Write Poetry

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No matter what your talking about ...
inflate it to the extreme.
if you talking about a fart-
include its juicy texture.
always speak using universals-
be sure to include the word soul
atleast once every 5 or 6 lines ...
atleast half the titles of
your poem should include the word, love.
stay true to the beatific nature of this board.
Talk about god, nature, breathing, fire.
speak of water- and extremes- hate- and rainbows-
and never lie.
Never speak in absolutes
Always express your inner feeling, making them your outter feelings. Its a big board, full of lush brains spilling their souls onto these godlike flame throwing and breathing waterfalls ... Love in the Natural flow of sublime lime slime. rhyme. In Your Rainbow Eyes I Mock My HOLY expression~ and cheapen the wordd that I use in every line- each time, becoming less meaningful ... drudging. I love you. I remember learning what that meant for the first time. And the love came down like rainbows- in waterfalls- and we were bandits of love across a multi-coloured trip inside and you were flaming ice- and i was the ice king until you melted my resistance- and i dont think either of us were expecting much- but as i lay- curled up in the fetal position, crying- reborn in my agony- and crushed in spirit. desolate and laughing- daisy hearts burned crazy- and i faintly heard you calling a name as you swooned like ophelia and downed in a river of tears ( hackneyed ) Such is Life, Love and the Pursuit of Trancending the Bullshit.