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Pissing in the wind...

Posted to Action Poetry

Where did my poetry go
I know it was here
just a minute ago

my pen nib is dry
the keys are a stumbling
eliciting a long sigh

soul, love, nature, god, breathing fire
extremes of water and hate and rainbows
my need for rhyme is dire

where did my writing slip
from juicy into dry and hard
dualities at an absolute clip

it has become a drudgery
expression muffled lips
are some kinda skullduggery

just a bullshit meter
this lame poesy of mine
hackneyed hack greeter

so where did my poetry go
unexpressable contents
man, my stuff just blows

I just keep hacking away hoping to uncover what lays beneath this bullshit I write, she says with a smile.

and thank you for the inspiration this morning...