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a parrot to your hands

Posted to Action Poetry

at once
with your scent of pine, soap and dusk
i fell for you
like a solitary garnet leaf
slowing pitching in the wind
vanilla surrounding my heart of you.
does love always come suddenly
washing over the porcelain
of christmas decorations hanging sihouetted
by the green
of something losing breath at every turn?
(will it come
just this once?)
my heart is chained to your wrist,
a corsage of ugly proportions.
don't forget me because there are diamonds waiting patiently,
don't neglect me
because the future is so long
(time enough is never time enough).
had i flown as a parrot from the perch
into your hands
(fluttering so helplessly)
i'd have told you what i offer,
my life,
my everything
at a silent glance
perfumed with a subtle hue
of ivory against bone.