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Start a revolution (for audable)

Posted to Action Poetry

The man in the street bleats his excuses
a part of the flock so easily led
wearily down the trodden path to the end of the world
"I want to...I'd like to...I will one day"
"I'd like to change the way I live"
I know this tune we've heard his song before
We've been this way before we know where this path will lead

Turn off the path, you are free.
Face the unchartered force of your own free will and set it loose.
Play a new tune, sing a new melody teach others to dance
Unfold your wings and fly again
Where there is no path, leave a trail and know that others will follow if only the hardy few at first
Explore your fears and discover your dreams
The meek will inherit the earth, but the brave want heaven right now and we are prepared to come and take it.
Stop bitchin' and start a revolution


Audable your words inspired me yet again so I just had to take up the thread from your earlier post