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Not in my name

Posted to Action Poetry

Our leaders damn the world and roar
All men must fight our War
A man declaims from on high
the end of our world is nigh
Who's world? Who's war?
What is this war of worlds and words?
Their land is not my land
Their fight is not my fight
He fights in the name of their dirty american dream but their dream is not my dream for my dream is not mine alone

our leaders damn the world and roar,
Make the axis turn!
To hell with the world,
Let it burn!
But no little yellow man will stop the flow of oil and money into their land of milk and honey
Great wrongs were done no doubt
But would you use a hammer...
to crack a nut

Will we climb an afghani mountain of skulls
to lay the road of blood and sand
that leads us to the butcher of Baghdad
Not in my name Sir
Not in my name