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Axis: Eternal Solified Rainbow Mandala of Magic Midnight Marauder Love

Posted to Action Poetry

midnight holy eternity soul rainbow lets get this thing started like a crazy fool I am I am
The Sandman
perhaps a fox
perhaps a nobody zen nothing holy rain falling all around you when I cried in the forests wandering wandering in hopeless day
together you and me
naked scared and free as we can be
trembling in the years with ravishing sideburns
when we went down streets
when we went down alleys blocking the wind from one-hitters with a trashcan lid quoting fremgen
in wombs and madness
making deals with old timers riding ezekials chariot of love that in the end was a crashed burned out wreck and rain- lost wanderings rucksack revoulutions quiet closet buddhism screaming through books of poetry we stole from Barnes and Nobles shoving knowledge down the pants of time-noble truths told in secret basement-pool-madiens in distress distressing our dress- truimph over evil
singing songs of freedom on broken guitars of freedom by candlelight- enlarging frames the picture took us in down the stairwells great dramas in sunrise screaming about Vietnam in the silent majestic morning when words had failed as they always do in The End
and Tim threw an eternal Soda Can at a soldier of babylon and broke arms and we had our journeys many journeys
whispering great conspiracies in the courtyard
oreos and milk and stoned out and laughing at divine comedy and writing manifestos with queg
pictures we saw and you drew them down trembling waiting for sunrise while the insane laughed at you. .
and I was wisdom rolling
Virgil leading and following you down through hell and purgatory and heaven winged sandals souls and rainbows- ha- and this dosen't matter because who could speak the things we spoke and saw through child eyes together or alone or dead or breathing breath pink floyd winter trips tripping in the snow my car got stuck and not even one Golden Shovel to dig us out in the rows of houses the Combine stretching off and paving paradise we did donughts in the parking lots with a smile beat down beating off on acid at 3 a.m.
writing letters to no-one that turned into butterfly in heterosexual guilty sad happy Christian Christ
when I saw the statue of Christ morph and broke down alone
to madness and I wrote poetry on walls of light- and already i've said too much cuz it's never enough
and we're not heroes
not you
not me
not wise
but wise enough to see
the truth in everything
blind and screamind like eagles lions and foxes
finding spirit
in the park
at the shows
in the music
and so on it goes
in eternity changing life if it lets us and looking in the eyes of all
awaiting on you all
and lets end this on the eternal soul of the rainbow rain
and let's throw in something about Cocks and death- its all realative folks,
and keep on living life
strange life
midnight life
midnight mauraders and tie everything together
with a smile ride the blackbird in forests of night and what more can i write- haven't got the time
and we don't wear watches
don't need a map to make sand music and dance on rainbows and listen to buffy-sainte marie
and burn down long roads of night dreams of Scarlet
miners for a cock of gold-metaphorically phallicly speaking in broad languages strange electric pharoh hieroglypics writing the poems that make the world spin in its hollow grave eyes soul rainbow magic
jiving souls in eternity and I hope to see you on the dark side of the road where magic love turns on her soul light- and we're jammin in the free eternal rythym in catacombs of pantamine earthly sorrow- glad to be alive and crazy
and tin soldiers and bush coming but i shatter them with my cry of love and your arrows of light or bow of brilliance or whatever and ever amen
midnight mauraders knifekillas fo life
maiking out with the eternal faceless women (no name no number) defiling grooves spottieottiedopaliscious so delicious inconspicious among the hording hooded numbers in which the language of eternal eternity was written -dropped a bomb of ginsbergian unspeekable thing on the heads of babylon freekers by the speakers I tore my pants and twisted my wrist flipping on a real tip
getting tribal and I can't stop the groove so i spill out through the wires through my fingertips gripping you by the balls or pussy or whatever and zap threw my eyes and you see my entire essence of life real as love love is real-do you see me? can you feel me and my bold love scripture? Am i playing hide and seek in your synapses playing drums with your heart strumming your serotonin and kissing your dopamine
keeping this money machine rolling
and blue lion
and magic love
and face plants jr and jazz eternal
and here's to you
here's to you
my soul my rainbow my faceless name and number coming through to you burning falling stars rain
rainbows light shining through your prism just a tangerine
painted mandala on the walls of your dream
dream to me
dream to me
stay with me
be with me
burn with me in this fire
drown in these tears
walk with me everymoment out of the womb
see with me the truth
seek me in the dazed drudging of days so that i may breathe my silly little life into your tired eyes and dont worry about your blindness
and your all heroes to me
and eternal soul rainbows fall all around you
just my tears of joy and shame
naked in the streets
singing the blues
with a lions roar
and that's all she wrote, folks- thats all she wrote