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it's not enough time, left hand
bass clef dividing measures
in sixteenths, juxaposed by treble
melodic on the right
hand playing triplets,
debussy at
his finest,
each movement
paralleling, complimenting,
reflecting itself in mirrored light
but it's not enough time,
the night's not fair,
a melody ended
to sleep - oh where
have moments gone
but to deep memory?
goodbye for now goodbye
for now i have to try
to drive -
your eyes
follow, coming
into hollow empty
while i see ahead behind
mirrored minds watching pavement
surround and swallow itself in clover
leafs, speaking delicate patterns,
lanterns fireflied sunday night
august 1st --

you've been home
three months.
it's not enough time,
twenty-five years disappeared
your seed missed my blessing.
i check the temperature of milk
on my arm. it's warm. perfect.
just enough time to drink
it in.

twenty-four seven
three hundred sixty five
fifty two sixty twelve
ten one hundred
then back to
but still,
not enough time,
no matter the increments
or brevity