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where is my love ? - can - I ask ?
How did I get here
who will take me home. -do -you know ?
tonight i'm lost in tonight
magnificently created in circular design
im here cuz' i'm lost
im lost cuz' im here
past stoned midnight
in a library plugged in
reading the words of many a lost soul
from I don't know where
helpless alone, trapped in the universe
nowhere else to go.

I came in here from the autumn cold
beating heart to keep me warm.
the people look tired
I have my poetry to protect me.
The autumn leaves fell down on me
I looked around the solemn streets for my love
and alas she is somewhere.
I said my piece but still no peace
left for me
is anybody there?
then i'll remain here until I duck out
into cold night
with no hand in mine
but my own
with the winds of fall
and falling leaves falling down on me