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I exist.

Posted to Action Poetry

I exist only through my words
And words are worlds to me
War of the Words
I war with myself
No matter what-
I always win, but
I always lose too.
Who do I want to be today.
How about anynomous.
Ill ghost through my day-
Transient - drifting through hours
Only a few Escape their clouds to
Open up my sands of life hour glass ...
Possibly they are manifestation of my own mind.
These companions.
Spent the waking hours asleep
Living for the Night and the falling leaves
I often walk through dark woods of confusion
Lead by Styles on occation, but mostly on my own lately.
I am alone. If I choose to be.
And I suppose all these people that I pass
I could open my sphere to them-
and they could sail off their islands to me ...
but for some reason or another
we're stranded. ship wrecked on our own islands.
with ourselves as company.
On occation- we land on some uncharted territory
And I wonder if all these passers by could ever change my life. its a joke to think they wouldnt.
Im positive they would all change my life.
for the better at that.
But who will ever know.
Certainly not I, or he, or she-
I suppose in the flashing blue light ..
I no longer battle madness, but sanity
And the realization- that all the cork screws
around which life winds- Just doesn't Exist
Because- in my mind. Is where it remains.
Goodnight. see you when the sun rises.
Because tomorrow is the new mornings.