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my ego guitar god

Posted to Action Poetry

I try and improve my hand to be heard,
because I want the people to congregate about my tunes,
so I can change around the world,
I dream and try and long to be good,
so I can be there in the light of a stage flood strumming to the herd,
I wish to be talked about and loved in future docu-dramas,
priased as genious although after my death,
I want the interviewed to claim I brought about as much change as the last three dali lamas,
the living breathing legend guitar god Seth,
I want to have my words and song help destroy the machine of the greedy beast,
I want to see a vast up heaval in the name of change,
I want those to be held responsible that gobble up our good in their resource feast,
I want to be on the front line of that mob ready to socially rearrange,
but I just can't get my fingers to hold the chord without muteing the other strings,
but I can bang out simple rythum at the least,
I guess I just can't hope to realize all of my dreams,
all the same I feel we desperatly need a new guitar prophet,
and so that I want to be,
if not that I'd like at least to help stop it,
and to try and be the change I'd like to see