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--Excommunication of steel
sun the pale child of automation
communion of warehouses
shoe factories and buildings
sweating aching fevers
of hay hollow and towers
rising about in frenetic manipulation
--The communications of traffic
amphibian tragedy of not belonging
the belly of earth filling
with lice and maggots
and thingsyoujustmightbe
--Alleluias of concrete
no globe and rushing splendour
damned spittle of the crust
yonder goes the core
--The orb of skin
like a joy of concrete jaws
new flesh spin on the wooden ankles
cities of manic sorrow billowing
--The call pulps the head
the snake of intestines
answers back under bakeries of code
the giggle of earthquakes belch
mayan codices of the breeze
--Believe nothing
in the stacks there are
books without words