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the reaching trees
blazing hot with slow fire, burning
burning burning
as if it must first burn out
and not fade -must never fade
rage rage against the cold
do not die
do not grow old
shed it's leaves screaming inaudible chants
never spoken nor heard
in this sorrowful realm in which I dwell
screaming screaming do you hear the call
being stripped of it's burning leaves
over days
over days
long nights burning hues of yellow orange and red
branches on fire
until all have fallen
all illusions stripped
it stands naked weeping arms outstretched in vain

but alas! a cold hushing wind sweeps through the burning landscape
to cool the flames
console the child tree
and warn of winter on the way
frozen and silent the tree lies later
in snow and ice
cold and ugly

until one day we awaken to the instinctual cry
across streets
across the melting ice and wasting snow
the cry
the bursting forth once again
the tree lives and sucks in
all the universe