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the occult color of matter

Posted to Action Poetry

spirit shivers of waiting
the waters rush awaiting
smoke pillars off
armaggedon of waiting
the leaves of trees
like anvils overblooming
are waving in waiting
that tasting of farewell
that waitng that longing
waiting and longing
a long waiting
the river bleeds
from how i see it
the answer is awaiting
the question to be questioned
to be intoned in this awaiting
awash in brilliance
but whilst waiting flows to tarnish
waiting is waiting i am waiting
i waited for you and the watts went out
in waters blue tuned to brown
on the radio waving the antennae above
tis the hour of waiting
washing out the brain scum
with the liquid hues of waiting
hours flip the finger to days waiting
i waited for you the flavour of flesh waiting
the skin crawling the scribbled yawning
the crystal enchanting in waiting
the rapidity of nudity flips over
flips over the warbled voice waiting
sitting in waiting contemplating the stars
waiting in the mental contraption waiting
waiting for electrocution (judgment hymn)
battle of bones rubb'd over joints waiting
waiting for statues to unhinge
from their rubber pedestal bone rubble waiting
waiting in yawning in drunken states waiting
waiting for love unwilling to love
comatose waiting i am the comatose lover waiting