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Seeking the sleep

Posted to Action Poetry

couldn't go to sleep last night when the room shimmered in my eyes and the red code of clock told me the late hour of night-

wasn't tired eyes hurt brain tired self awake wanting more-

wrote poetry and read strangers poems in the illuminating glow in the darkness of dorm room felt tired but couldn't sleep-

lying in bed my heart beat faster mind kept thinking on past the end -got up and staggered out door to hall
smoking cigarette on starewell sweet taste of tobacco bitter tinge burn of lungs I should quit- drinking bottle of water whole thing down felt it slosh in belly

walked down hallway lights took pill to bring on the sleep and sat down to read
reading Herman Hesse alone in boxers on the 9th floor hub lounge silent and bright getting sleepy sleepy feeling fine
sweet long for sleep at last
goodnight sweet prince myself.