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Heart lost in a moment to the vision in the spotlight all those years ago
A lightning flash in the dancefloor dark pierced straight to the core you came on like rolling thunder and we danced in the eye of the hurricane
But now I dance alone with the angels of the dawn...and all of them are you
Battled demons in the depths of the night
all sent by the darkness within
Felt that midnight disease choke me by degrees
Is their really any hope for this romantics broken soul
I gathered all the pieces bu there's no picture on the box
So I lined up all the edges and tried to fill them in
There's shape in the middle thats missing
A sillouette that feels like you
A warm caress on a cold winter night
Naked contour line the perfect fit for mine
But now that form is broken and the lines no longer fit
And so I say fare thee well so long and goodlife to you
One day soon we both will fly again through the storm and find the eye of a new hurricane