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tried my hand at higher education
got so disappointed first semester
there wasn't anything high about it
but i stuck around for awhile
took a summer bowling class
(nobody failed that one)
enjoyed my english class
thanks to mister x
told me i should be a writer
what a thrill
a rush
a cosmic flag risin' inside
somebody out there
(the world was cold and stupid)
actually liked what i had to say
but i couldn't stay
hidden behind them walls
of higher education
taking me lower and lower
i hit the road
(jack did it- i can too)
but roadtales can be
like some bad home movies
stretchin' the realities
into my favorite possiblities
long distances
eighteen wheels
mexican whores
burnin' pisses
(doctor - help me!)
he laffed and shot me up
heavy penicillin
ease my pain
rack 'em up loser
hit the fucking road
big boys out there
and me - a four-eyed pup
tryin' to outrun my tales
shades of caulfield
mix 'em up
drink 'em up
petrifiy my mind field
but i kept on goin'
and west
tryin my best
to find it
the golden it
no shit
it was there
but i wasn't
so i kept on goin'
left the road
into my head
750 mic's of owsley
layin' in a bed
i kept on goin
i kept on goin
got so high
i just knew i could fly
(damn! my feet won't lift)
but i was flyin'
ain't no denyin'
tears of joy
holy rockin' roller
can't give it up
no way
all day
jazz me
jazz me