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How do you change what is now?

When change has let you down
When change is what tainted you
When change seems out to get you

How do you turn change desirable?

It takes guts
It takes spirit
It takes belief in efforts made
It takes willingness to endure the pain

Change comes
Weather u close your eyes
Or stare at it eagerly

Change appears

Faster then the falling moon
Sneakier then the raising sun

Why not ride it
Like a wave
On a hot summer day

Arms spread out
Grin on face
Rays on shoulders

Ride the change
Ride the change

Grab a board
… Face the change

Surfers will tell you
Some waves are bigger
Then others
Some waves will wash you up
Some waves will pound on your back
Push you under

Grasping for air
You’ve managed to escape
The drowning sea

The current is strong
But you are stronger