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my legs were crossed

Posted to Action Poetry

sitting in
office attire
that held
my body tightly
outlining the curves
that were
my waistline
my breast
looking over
daily routine
as it settled
inside the bottom
of my water bottle
sparkling clear
as the sky
that was outside
my window
the phone rang
with hidden meaning
the night before
i was sick
with thought and
worry that
now spoke to me
my brother
"ki, hon, listen...
don't freak out...
car wreck...
rear ended by...
an 18 wheeler..."
then i heard
my eyes welled
with pools of
processed bottle water
rolling over
my honey almond cheeks
tender to
receive them
while my head
screamed in panic
shaking for nicotene
and her psychosematic
helping hand
my face lost
all definition
as it slumped
into grief
thinking about
her face
when i was small
home from school
sweating up my life
into the sheets
she stood there
refusing to leave
i am her life
she is my life
bringing every tiny
whim i had
to make me smile
my mortality
was worn on
the outside
of my flesh
the last time
i was home
our argument
over petty things
that came from
unhealed wounds
making her
cry out to
the dark sky
when the stars
and wept
for our conflict
two novas
different colors
with different
from hers...
thinking of dad's
sterile white walls
his death prison
that she
now occupies
trying to think
before the reciever
hits the floor
landing near
banana republic shoes
i always leave
under the desk
followed by
my threnody
of sadness...
my legs
no longer crossed...
as i layed