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In the arms of strangers ....

Posted to Action Poetry

In the arms of stangers, I ball.
Telling sagas in the stairwell,
Smoking for the hell of it ...
The Tragic Comedy which is Life.
Throat Lumps grow, and eyes shutter to hear
the tales which soak in my being ...
day in and day out ...
I dont know if words fail me ...
Or If I fail words.
It's a thin line, and
I walk it everyday, and in everydream ...
Unable to experience the Freeness with which
I once lived.
Today, I live in sealing off throats ...
And "Please be with me" cowgirl ...
What a surprise to see you guys here,
( not really. )
Where else are you going to be ?
I don't want to throw you signs-
I don't even care about impressions which people get of me.
Just living in a life where I either
Try to freak out the norms.
or be so
Somber my eyes seem as though
they will develop their own universes.
In the dorm rooms of random madmen ...
I sit, and tell them stories which they
should have read for class ...
but they're to wasted to care.
Damn near 80% of these fuckers dont give a shit
or know their ass from their heart.
Or a soul from a fart.
Lay me among the falling leaves ...
and I'll soak up the desire to succeed.
I'll radiate a smile-
My smile. My most, dangerous, and powerful weapon.
Thankfully. I only use it for the purposes of furthuring my ...