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y o u n G g I r l Z -- 1st publishing of the poem was in Esquire magazine

Posted to Action Poetry

y o u n G g I r l Z

Young girls R like pearls
That pelt fiercely w/ words
But R silent w/ action...
Never does my girl
Crawl o'er my bed w/ struggled felicity.
Er legs an' arms (like pillars
of ivory marble)
Lie heavily upon me, shrouding the dimensions
Of my plastic flesh.
Broken beyond BROKEN,
my many pieces fall an' shatter in the light...
"Oh, I'm sorry..."

Save the drama
you rogue vogue renegade hue of a demon.
Down the rapid falls wild -- willingly
I fall w/ you
Rushing like Niagara,
coinciding w/ the cascades.
Er limitless moving breath
consumes my heart,
an' moves more, much more
than I rationally thot!
The slumber satin black
in which my 6 senses stubborn
do dwell,
I see from the Xtra eye blessed upon me
the next move in er wake.
Er fiery iron nails of love
tear deceit
down my wise back ablaze
every rise of the mustard-seed sun.

Altar wise goes my thots of
love an' lust
an' self respect.
Can anyone blame me?
On diamonds.
On rubies.
On pearls.
On girls.
On dollars
an' cents

This plastic queen needs redemption,
an' I musn't repent!
I want the slumber satin black
to turn cupid cute
w/ locks of golden garland
an' an innocent heart of
childlike laughter
an' refinement
sweeter than strawberry musk...