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Define This

Posted to Action Poetry


That's not the word I'm looking for.
Is there a dictionary specifically written to define emotion?
Some water-marked, dust suffocated archive of romance
waiting to be lifted from an oriental cedar chest
pages brittle from age, red leather cover worn and soft
tiny corners bent forward--"I don't want to lose my place..."
If there is, I need it.

I need help, because each time I want to tell you--

how your words make me cry inside
how your hair, on my pillow, makes me laugh
how your breath, on my neck, makes me spin
and how I'm addicted to your lips--your grin

I stop.

Words get lost somewhere enroute from my brain to my voice
clumped up in a hot, dry throat
a gutterball of sappy phrases and eloquent lines that would never describe the inside--

my inside


There's a beginning to my definition of something that will never be defined