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An old rite

Posted to Action Poetry

There'll be bulging eyes and warty noses,
long black veils, and wilted roses,
political statements and hollywood poses,
midst banquets set out for the dead.

Genies and rabbits, and ghosts will appear
hat tricks for candy, glasses for beer,
and we'll all have a chance to laugh at our fear,
midst banquets set out for the dead.

gypsy's and poets, re-invent an old rite,
when the black cat crosses, before it slips out of sight,
sit down, and say a prayer, this halloween night,
at the tables set out for the dead.

For the brave headless horsemen, blood on their necks,
and the sorrowful skeletons not quite gone yet,
just take one moment to chip in on the check
for the banquets set out for the dead...
all the banquets laid out, for the dead.

Happy Halloween all!