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a supermarket in illinois

Posted to Action Poetry

what thoughts I have of stuff tonight driving smoking tucked behind the wheel! where will i go which way does this road go- oh what a divine evening

in through the cool doors into wide enumerations!
cool eyes of consumers oh what do i need came in off the street their all here with me
walk down the aisles filled with pictures and boxes food drink condoms shampoo ass cream look at all the steam.
tonight I come in search of something oh how the wideness scares my stoned eyes bright lights high ceilings what smells!
aisles of slippers female with me need slippers want feet boxes and rows of all fuzzy shoes trying each laughing with dolphins on my feet- radiant colors- mirrors to see yourself-just think just think of it all
comrades what stock shall we get tonight
rugs many rugs smiling and laughing at myself unstable uncontained- i'd like to walk on these rugs dragging myself through isles of toys- mozart what were you doing with the fisher price?
and you Jim Morrison, what were you doing by the steaks?
ha ha ha -i think you need this- look at that- this is wierd im in paradise. great bazzar- toilet paper
spongebob car seat my friend would enjoy this product
i wish i had all the money in the world i'd buy a soap dish. checking my condition on money machine
court jester wearing silly masks, dancing- drooling at women's panty isles what were you thinking ?
man in the ad with yr crew cut what dreams do you have? plaid boxers- i think of mine and feel absurd.
how do you sleep where is the furniture around here
can't find one couch to help me. what musak!
lost in the tall racks metal shelves imperial market doom
i wonder if this is good.
I feel like any moment I will melt. Kara walks with me she makes me feel funny with big silly hat price tag how much- sweet
how much does this cost? Oh money paper Id like to see this place burn crying consumers old women beatiful girls
tired watchman dragging feet not even one hello. I smile.
fill my basket at its time to make these things mine with money cashier girl are you my angel?
the bounty: a pair of slippers fuzzy and white ive always needed a pair oh how luxurious and warm ill be tonight in my bed who will where them when im dead?
bottle of juice smasshed fruit
pack of gum
stole tobacco up sleeve i wonder if their watching me -stupid guilt- what dreams of you I have abbie hoffman long trenchcoat american flag you stuff your pockets with amerika hippie grin
long hair like mine oh what do we steal tonight?
theres going to be hell to pay and laughing.
mostly laughing
alas pack of gum ill smash in mammal jaws
out into halloween night!
long car ride cigarettes
bob dylan
the moon walking what an adventure we had