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I drink blood

Posted to Action Poetry

hoar bells ring and no one hears them
except you rushing in from the wind
outside against the glass the frost
before the dawn again bleeds dry
the trees like little skeleton birds
the invernal sun of a shrinking universe
closing in on you, your hood that hides
those eyes of yours twitching back and forth
you descend the hall of mirrors and drop
into the labyrinth of liars where no living
creature, not even bats or rodent chasing cats
dare to enter but you, here you come
tap tap tapping softly down the dungeon stairs
creaking open the iron door and putting down the bar
behind you, i hear you i hear you i hear you
the casket lid that you lift up and one final
glance about the dried up room, and then you
dangle one feral leg after the other to slide
into your permanent hiding nest
you slipping away from the land of the living
to now come back to sleep with death

just then i raise up and point a bony finger
you freeze at first and then unfreeze
glaring at me as you climb inside your coffin,
"aw shut up already, i was out drinking with the girls last night"